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Rated 5 stars

by parents on


Rated 5 stars

by parents on


View Some Testimonials from our Framboyant Family!

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    Evelyn Cano

    I am always so impressed with the love and the respect that the teachers at my Daughters school have for the parents and of course the kids! Dropped off my daughter this morning And Even though we are coming from spring break they are so excited to see her! The teachers often give parents hugs and the administrators are professional yet very approachable! What an excellent learning center who cares so much about their entire school:) I just wanted to express my gratitude to all the staff there! Also want to wish my teacher buddies in the ISD's a great first day back to work! Being an ex teacher I appreciate all the hard work you all do for our kids! Eve — at Framboyant Learning Center.

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    Rose Roth

    I just love that place with all my heart!!! I've worked there from 2012 until last July and I left only because I've decided to open my own Pre-School and have moved to Fort Worth to archive my dream. I can tell that Framboyant is THE BEST in the Valley!

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    Jessica Roman

    Framboyant is the best preschool in McAllen. The teachers are very nurturing to our children, the staff is welcoming and helpful. The Framboyant family has impacted our lives in a very positive way.

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    Nancy Diebel

    Everyone there is so friendly and my granddaughter seems to love attending. The new play ground is wonderful with the padded flooring and the colorful canopy.

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    Reagan Caldwell

    I appreciate how nurturing this school is and how its intention is to create a community of learners.

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    Karina Bautista

    Thanks so much to our great teachers and Framboyant staff for celebrating México!

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    Claudia Ortiz-Corso

    We love the school! Thanks for being so nice with our little Sofi.

OUR Philosophy

We approach teaching with a child-centered philosophy.  Our belief is that every aspect of a child’s development, be it cognitive, social, emotional, physical, or spiritual, should be challenged in some way during his or her journey at Framboyant.  Each of these areas is interrelated, and in a relaxed learning environment, these aspects can naturally integrate to create effective learning. 

We know that each child is unique and we do our best to nurture the intrinsic gifts that each one shares with their peers.  We believe that what truly makes a difference in a child’s life, above all the methods, materials, and the curriculum, is a teacher who cares about each child and who educates from the heart.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to provide every child with a quality early childhood experience.  We strive to create a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment to foster individual needs.  Our staff views education as a partnership between parents and teachers.  We believe it is essential to develop a good rapport with each child and parent based on open communication and mutual respect.  This is the foundation of a successful school experience.  We empower children by offering them opportunities to make decisions and solve problems.  It is our goal that children will possess confidence in their abilities and establish lasting relationships with teachers and peers.  By offering an engaging curriculum it is our aspiration that each child will develop a positive outlook towards school, a better appreciation of the world around them and acquire a lifelong love for learning during their time spent at Framboyant Learning Center.

OUR Vision

Our team inspires curiosity, independence, and a life-long love of learning to help our children become contributing members of our community and the world.  Guided by a belief in a caring, supportive, multicultural environment our staff will provide students with a broad range of educational opportunities to promote an early start for school success.  We strive to develop skills and provide opportunities which will enrich each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities.

OUR Curriculum

Framboyant’s curriculum combines a global understanding of art, music, history, science, universal values and environmental consciousness.

Our Bilingual program is a combination of Montessori philosophy, traditional learning techniques, Handwriting Without Tears methodology, as well as We Love to Read.

Our Spanish program follows the traditional methodology, Montessori, and writing/reading readiness.